About the Photographer

Hello, I’m Beely, who live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. An artistic lifestyle photographer who passions in capturing extraordinary photos and storytelling about people’s extraordinary life. I love to capture something interesting that appeals to me. Wedding, photojournalism, feelings, glamour, portraiture, documentary are my favourite subject in photography. I found out it’s interesting to seek various of creative options and capture unique feels and moments that I have ever seen. It’s delightful to me to found something surprising, extraordinary moments that is happening all the time, because the moments are unique, is not directed from anyone. and it is happening spontaneously, and faded away after few seconds. That makes me having a great passion to capture moments around me, documenting all the moments from fading away.

About the Site

Great moments without sharing around the world, is a waste, because moments is not happening all the time, and that makes the moments unique. Moments that shared will connecting everyone around the world. That encouraging me to share photos of greatest sceneries, moments, and the peoples in this site.

All photos shown in this website (www.beelychee.com) are genuinely captured and owned by Beely, and photos are not suppose to be redistributed for further editing, commercial purpose, and reproduction, without permission from the owner.

Feel free to e-mail me at beelycheephoto@gmail.com if you’re interested to order your favourite photo in high quality print here. I hope you enjoy to watch the photos in this site. Thank you for visit 🙂

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