Pokhara Ahead

We headed our next journey to Pokhara by bus, thought to have budget transport to bring us there, the bus fare we booked at amount of usd25 per way, while the alternative way to go pokhara which is the fastest way to reach there by flight, with fare amount of usd90 per way.

Along the walk from our hostel (famous House) to the one of bus stop located at town point of Thamel. We had approached alot of local taxi driver as long as trisaw cycler, beside the walker who carried the a basket to offer for trade with their fruits, sovenir, snacks and etc. My impression toward Nepalese from personal view can be described as “happiness”. (you may refer my video log on explanation after returning back from Nepal)

Along the bus trip,
1. We have spent over hrs of traffic congestion in Thamel.
2. Road are not well maintained outside of Thamel.
3. Got our buffet lunch with Dal Baht.
4. Have a good scenary view along the ride on the hill.
5. Came across a town full with dust, just like Christmas town :), it was due to road maintainance and expand the road path to have better ride in future.
6. Came across muddy road, a bad situation whereby the bus was stucked in the mud. Kudos to bus assistant from the bus company to overcome the situation by place some big rock so that the bus can be moved on proper terrain.

Oh yeah. I’m not forget to try out their local foods after made our destination at Pokhara as well. Mo-mo (alike gyōza from Japanese cuisine) was taste great with their special sauce made with mixture of chili (I’m so sure they have added some chili padi for making this special sauce). There is two method of cooking the momo. Either to be steamed or to be pan fried (it was called Kothey Momo from the menu). Pannier Fish Butter Masala to be served in rice is good combination of taste too. The beer we ordered is called “everest beer” which is almost similar to Heineken in Malaysia, but can feel no bitterness, easy to drink with.

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