We embark our journey to Nayapul by ridding car, I believed it should be less than 1000cc just like Perdua Kancil, a crazy bumpy ride along the road for about 1.5hrs. From Nayapul, we began our walk to the checkpost after we have taken some sour mandarin orange that is awaken our soul as we are still in sleepy condition at this time.

Thank goodness that we manage to grab our porter, for grabbing necessary backpacks along our trail. Along our walk, we have bypassed a village with beautiful paddy fields, taking opportunity to share some lollipops as well as colour pencil brought from my homeland for the kids playing around the street. Glance of happiness and laughters from kids that would never forget in my heart.

We started to walk along mountain cliff, dusty with no proper road along our way. Guess what, we got a free spa of dusty face each time jeep or bus drove bypassed our way. Trekking guide man and porters are friendly and helpful, we get to have long chat while we walk; learning th